La Roca del Vallès has a strong and dynamic sports association network that works every day to promote physical activity, the training of athletes and individuals and the dissemination of the values inherent in sport among all age groups. In the field of leisure, the privileged location of the municipality encourages the practice of outdoor activities for all ages and the promotion of first tier competition events that bring together a large number of followers in support. Handball, football, basketball, gymnastics and a broad variety of other sports, as well as first-class facilities for sports, complement the extensive programme on offer that residents and visitors can enjoy at the Municipal Sports Centre and at the different facilities around the city.

Our municipality gathers considerable wealth within the field of sports, in terms of the promotion of physical activity, both in the relationship between sport and leisure and between sport and competition.

Within the scope of leisure sports, the physical location of our municipality at the territorial level helps greatly. Geographical features such as the Parc de la Serralada Litoral (Coastal Range Park) and the Mogent River Channel are natural spaces that, by themselves, encourage the practice of the physical activity in people from different age groups. A clear example, and in reference to our municipality, is the traditional Popular Mountain Bike Ride named “La Prehistòrica” (The Prehistoric) where every 2nd Sunday in November, the doors of the municipality are thrown open to over 2,500 participants who are ready to play sports and meet, passing through these natural spaces.

To a large extent, some of the sixteen sporting entities within the municipality facilitate the expectations of competitive sport through sports such as handball, football and basketball among others. These sports are practised, in large part, within the municipal sporting facilities.

The Sports Service offers activities that promote the practice of sports for the improvement of public health and quality of life.

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