In La Roca del Vallès you can enjoy antiquity and modernity in all its aspects. Get to know the prehistoric routes where you can enjoy megalithic moments in the Cordillera Litoral; walking through some natural places of great value, doing one of the two signposted routes.

The cultural heritage is also well known in La Roca. Within the three nuclei that make up the municipality: La Roca del Vallès, Santa Agnès de Malanyanes and La Torreta, you can enjoy monuments with a heritage and significant value. Monuments that mark the history of the town, and that will help you to know the origins of La Roca. These include La Roca Castle (privately run), Can Sol, Santa Agnès Church; La Creu de La Torreta, among others.

We always like to invite visitors to try one of the restaurants and tapas bars located in the town. It is worth noting the involvement of our restaurateurs with the local product; giving added value to our cuisine.