The farming community of La Roca is one of the most essential assets of the town, not only economically, but also as an identifying feature and at the social, cultural and historical level. The farming community adds value to our cuisine and is a factor of wealth and production that nurtures the territory. A strategic sector, in short, for the development and growth of La Roca del Vallès: a town that has been founded and which has grown under the umbrella of a key collective in the idiosyncrasy and identity of the town.


The municipality of La Roca del Vallès has a large number of farmhouses spread across the district that, due to their typology, form the archetype of traditional Catalan architecture.
It should be noted that the vast majority are occupied, and are used both as homes or for the typical farming tasks of these buildings. Agriculture is mostly dryland farming, with cereals, fodder, legumes and fruit trees. The grapevine has also been recovered and there are some hazel trees. As for irrigated agriculture, fodder, beans, potatoes and vegetables are grown. The gardening and cultivation of ornamental plants is another of the prominent agricultural activities. On the other hand, the municipality also has important cattle (meat and milk), pork and poultry farms.

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