In 1998, the Town Council of La Roca del Vallès and a group of people from the municipality interested in the recovery and preservation of popular memory, created the archive with the aim of gathering and preserving documents that could provide an account of personal or collective experiences lived directly by the authors. The creation a Memory Archive arises from the need to collect all of this heritage with the will to preserve it and make it available to people, entities and institutions.

Three facts converge in the story of the Archive’s foundation: the recognition of the figure of Romà Planas i Miró, the mayor of La Roca who passed away in 1995, the introduction of an archive on the memory of the people in Catalonia and the State and the Daily Archives of Pieve Santo Stefano, a pioneer in Europe and created in 1984, which was the model on which our archive was based.

The study of popular memory consists of looking at history, the past from personal experiences, from the story of the protagonists. Facts, experiences and emotions tell us history from another viewpoint and perspective, generally interpreted and narrated from the great events. Contributing new elements to historiographic and cultural knowledge.

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