The Ganxet bean enjoys the Vallès-Maresme Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This certifies quality in its production, processing, designation and commercialisation. We can find the bean in either dried, cooked or canned form.

The Ganxet bean is a very important crop in the region and it garners a lot of prestige among consumers. These beans are especially good with bacon and salads with fresh olive oil, and especially accompanied by another regional specialty: botifarra sausage.

This PDO regulation protects the beans of the “Ganxet” variety, whether dried, cooked or canned, that comply with all of the production, processing, designation and marketing requirements required by the PDO specifications and other current legislation.

This type of bean has a flat shape, similar to that of a kidney, with a curved hook at one end: the characteristic feature that gives it its name, “Ganxet” being a Catalan word for a small hook. Medium in size, it has a highly creamy taste with a smooth, fine and persistent flavour. The skin is slightly rough and not perceptible once the bean has been cooked. The beans protected by this PDO are of very high quality.

Additional Information: Distributed by the agricultural cooperatives, they are sold dry or already boiled and canned with the corresponding PDO mark. In the latter case, only beans, water and salt can be used, without any additives or preservatives. They are found in specialised stores throughout Catalonia, especially those closest to the areas of production.

Attributes and Nutritional Properties: The bean, like all other legumes, is a food that mainly contains complex carbohydrates. In addition, it contributes an important amount of proteins. In spite of being of lower biological value, a protein of high quality is obtained if combined with cereals. Also noteworthy is its fibre content, which improves constipation, decreases the risk of gastrointestinal cancer and promotes satiety.

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