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On 9 and 10 November, the municipality will host this event promoted by the Department of Culture of the Catalonian Government. This year the theme will revolve around popular memory.

Within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the 20th anniversary of the People’s Memory Archive and the Roman and Planas Miró Prize for popular memorials, the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia will promote the fourth edition of the National Seminar of Ethnological Heritage in November.

This year, the events will revolve around popular memory and will be held in La Roca del Vallès on 9 and 10 November in collaboration with the Town Council, the People’s Memory Archive of La Roca del Vallès, and the entities Associació el Llibre de la Vida, L’Arada Creativitat Social and Univers d’Històries d’Europa al Món.

Thus, over two days, the Cultural Centre of La Roca del Vallès will host a broad programme of activities related to the research, documentation, dissemination and preservation of popular memory. These seminars, therefore, want to reflect on this phenomenon, which is widespread in Catalonia in different formats, but regarding which little light has been shed. For all these reasons, different experiences will be given a voice, with different interests and a variety of methodologies, but all share the common theme of the collection and analysis of personal testimony.

The project is structured into three large blocks: “The management of popular memory”, “local communities and memory”, and “the personal dimension of memory”. They are aimed at different audiences: anthropologists, historians, community activists, psychologists, archivists, and to anyone in the public in general who is interested in ways of life and recent local history.

The seminars will be held with open doors, admission is free and you simply have to pre-register as capacity is limited.


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Prehistòrica 2018